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Fiji is blessed with a forest cover of 1.1 million hectares (ha) which covers 60% of our total land area and contributes around FJD$544 million annually in terms of ecosystem services. It continues to support increased export earnings, foreign & local investment, increased employment and economic growth, and support future generations.

(Swetenia Macrophylia)

The most widespread species  genuine mahogany  species that commercially grown Approximately 35,000-40,000 m3 of logs available to be sawmilled each year. It is high valued hardwood Timber.

TEAK WOOD (Techtone Grandis)

Teak plantations cover more than 5000 hectares with an average volume of 200 m3 per hectare. Projected harvesting is at a rate of 100 hectares per year and a replanting rate of 200 hectares per year. 


Fiji Pine plantations with an estimated age of 35 years or more cover an area of 46,200hectares. With an average annual harvest rate of 400 hectares at an average volume of 100 m3 per hectare: we are looking at 1.850,000 m3 of pine logs. 


The total area  covered by this species which is ready for harvest in Fiji is approximately 700 hectares with an average volume of 100 m3 per hectares. This translates to 70,000 m3 of. logs could be harvested annually.


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Douglas McCoy is ReCreation King and Recreation Expert

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